It shall be the mission of the Delphi Preservation Society to support the preservation, protection and restoration of historic structures in the greater Delphi area from the threat of neglect, obsolescence and the pressures of a modern society. To achieve this mission the Delphi Preservation Society will support, encourage, inform, and educate the public of the architectural significance, history, and heritage of the greater Delphi area.

Delphi Preservation Society Timeline...

Preserving the Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Delphi and the Surrounding Area Since 1994.
Here are some highlights from our first 20 years!


1994  Delphi Preservation Society founded.
1996   2/3 Assion-Ruffing City Hall building purchased.
1998  Delphi City Hall & Opera House listed on National Register of Historic Places; Baum-Shaeffer Farm listed on National Register of Historic Places (NR).
2000  Historic Preservation Fund grant to stabilize opera house roof truss; Opera House Feasibility Study
2002 Deer Creek Valley Rural Historic District listed on NR of Historic Places
2003 Carrollton Bridge listed on NR of Historic Places; Carroll County Courthouse listed on NR of Historic Places
2005 Tonsil Klackers first to perform in opera house since theater closed in 1914! Opera House Task force forms.
2006 Structural Analysis performed of Delphi Opera House
2007 Remaining 1/3 of opera house building purchased; Historic Preservation Fund grant for facade restoration.
2008 KJG Architecture prepares Preliminary Design Schematics for DOH restoration
2009 Decorative Arts Analysis funded by Jeffris Family Foundation and NCHS/TAF; DPS establishes the Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art
2010 Delphi Courthouse Square Historic District listed on NR of Historic Places; Delphi published through Arcadia Publishing; Historic Preservation Fund grant to replace the roof on the Delphi Opera House.
2011 DPS purchases the Crosby Hotel
2012 DPS works with City of Delphi on Stellar Community application; Delphi selected as Stellar Community with DOH as centerpiece; DPS receives $200K challenge grant -- Jeffris Family Foundation, Janesville, WI; Delphi Opera House capital campaign launched; Young family donates building at 117-119 E. Main Street to DPS.
2013 Former Delphi United Methodist Church donated to DPS by Trustees;
2014 Delphi Opera House construction gets underway; Former Methodist church nominated to National Register; Jeffris Family Foundation Challenge met; Groundbreaking ceremony for the Delphi Opera House!
2015  Grand reopening of the restored Delphi Opera House in October with Grand Celebration Ball.
2016  Former Methodist Church renamed Union Center; listed on National Register.
2017  Cook Cook for Outstanding Restoration presented to DPS by Indiana Landmarks.

Awards Received...


Indiana Landmarks presented the Cook Cup for Outstanding Restoration at the Annual Meeting of Indiana Landmarks, Indianapolis

Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology “Indiana Historic Preservation Award” presented at the Preserving Historic Places Conference, Whiting

Indiana Landmarks “Sandi Servaas Memorial Award” presented at the Annual Meeting of Indiana Landmarks, Indianapolis

“Community Enhancement Award” from Carroll County Economic Development Corporation and Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

Indiana Main Street “Best Historic Rehabilitation” Award presented at the Cornelius O’Brien Conference, Bloomington

“Community Appearance Award” from Delphi Chamber of Commerce

DPS Logo with CC 200


118 N. Union Street 
P.O. Box 161
Delphi, IN 46923