National Register Nominations...

The Delphi Preservation Society has prepared applications nominating Carroll County districts and structures to the National Register of Historic Places. The Delphi City Hall and Opera House was placed on the National Register in 1998, Wilson's Bridge over Deer Creek on County Road  300N in 2001, and the Deer Creek Valley Rural Historic District along Deer Creek in 2002. It was the second district in Indiana to achieve this  status. The Carroll County Courthouse was placed in the National Register in 2003.

In 2010, the Delphi Courthouse Square Historic District was placed in the National Register including 43 buildings in the blocks immediately  surrounding the square. Take a photographic tour of the Courthouse Square district.

Most recently, the Delphi Methodist Episcopal Church was approved for listing in the National Register. The DMEC application was funded in part by a Partners in Preservation grant through Indiana Landmarks. The match for the grant came from the Society's Martha B. Justice Fund established to aid National Register nominations and named for a DPS charter member who prepared some of the Society's early nominations.


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